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The life recovery program is made up of spiritual instruction, Bible studies, prayer, church attendance, curriculum, daily work therapy, outreach, and recreation. The spiritual instruction primarily takes place in the classroom, although the entire program is intended to bring about spiritual growth. Disciples will attend regular church services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

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Length of Program
The estimated time to complete our program is 12 months. However, it is our experience that some need more time to complete all four levels and we welcome men to do that.

We do not charge for enrolling in our program. (If an "upper phase" resident decides to begin "Work Therapy" with an approved off-campus job, then they will meet with their mentor to develop a budget including: paying back fines, savings, rent, tithing, etc.)


How are we supported

The House of Disciples is a ministry of Wiseman Ministries, Inc., which is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization. Our ministry operates solely on donations from individuals, churches, businesses and organizations. Your donations help us fulfill our mission.

Everything that is taught at HOD is based on principles from the Bible. While in the program, residents receive daily classes in discipleship training, life recovery, and Christ-centered 12-Step material.

If needed, we provide GED prep classes and give the resident the opportunity to earn his General Education Diploma.

Biblical based Twelve Step Program:

The men's daily devotions are from the Twelve Step Life Recovery Devotional and we have also partnered with a local Celebrate Recovery group which meets once a week. If required by the court, a resident may also attend off-site AA, NA or DWI classes.

Phase 1 - Healing Phase - 4 months
It is our goal to help each man identify addictions in their lives and come to the realization that God is our only source for help. We focus on recovery from addictions by surrendering our lives totally to Christ and allowing God to be made strong in our weaknesses.

Phase 2 - Discipleship Phase - 4 months
To make a disciple, we must begin with the end in mind. In Matthew 10:25, Jesus says, “It is enough for a disciple that he be like his teacher.” Our goal must be to have Christ-likeness realized in the disciple. Our discipleship program is committed to training a follower of Jesus Christ who is grounded in grace and thus motivated to grow in the characteristics of a disciple as taught by our Lord. We are train our disciples in servant leadership. Servant leadership is at the heart of Christian leadership. Servant Leadership is different from servanthood. All Christians, not just leaders, are called to be servants - serving each other, following Jesus' example in washing his disciples' feet, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Servant leaders are not leaders on the basis of their position or leadership role, but rather lead according to their calling.

Phase 3 - Re-Entry Phase - 4 months
It is our goal to help the resident build a strong foundation, upon which he can stand when he returns to society. This is accomplished by preparing our residents with the tools they need to succeed. Along with continued discipleship training, we help them develop a personal growth plan, provide a budget assessment, and help them to develop an exit strategy. In this phase, with committee approval, the resident may choose to either enter Work Therapy, with the goal to pay off fines, debts, and to begin a savings account.

After Care - Transitional Phase - 3 Months

At the completion of Phase 3 and graduation, a resident may transfer into a 3-month transitional phase. During which, their budget assessment is refined with a goal of self-sufficiency. Specifically designed to promote the establishment of down payments for housing, transportation, and other factors. This 3-month term may be renewed, if neccessary.


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