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Intake Procedure:

*   The Applicant will fill out an application and turn into the office.

*   An interview with the Program Director or at least two Resident Leaders is required. 
     Upon approval from the Interviewers, the recommendation and application will be turned over
     to the Committee for final approval.          

*   With final approval, the applicant is accepted and the intake process continues - or, if space
     does not permit, is placed on a waiting list. 

*   If the applicant is not accepted, then the designated leader will inform the applicant. 
     If an applicant is denied, we will try to recommend another program suited for his needs.


Applicant Criteria:

  • Identification papers and a background check are required.
  • We cannot accept applicants, at this time, who:
    a.     are registered sex-offenders
    b.     have medical conditions that require a doctor’s care
    c.     have mental disorders that require a doctor’s care and/or medication
    d.     have violent tendencies. We must protect the safety of our staff and residents.
  • If you are eligible, an interview will be conducted.  We accept any man who is willing to abide by and adhere to our rules, regulations and by-laws and live under the direction and guidance prescribed in the Bible.
  • Applicants must be drug free and sober upon entering the program.  If not, be willing to go to a detoxification center, prior to entry.
  • All new admissions must go through a 30-day orientation period:
    -  Physical exam and lab test, as needed
    -  Learn routine, go over guidelines and procedures
    -  No outside contact
    -  Counseling / mentoring appointments
    -  No recreational activities 
  • Your belongings will be searched for drugs, tobacco or anything that is harmful to your spirit, soul or body.  Random searches will take place.
  • We must be made aware of any medications that you are currently taking.
  • We are not equipped to handle special dietary requirements at this time.
  • Due to space limitations, only the following clothing items will be allowed:

              6            pairs of long pants

              4            pairs of shorts

              10          shirts of mixed variety (short or long sleeved)

              2            sweat shirts & pants

              1            suit or suit coat

              2            ties

              1            light jacket

              1            heavy coat      

              2            caps, beanies or hats

              2            pajamas

              8            underwear

              8            pairs of socks

              1            dress shoes

              2            sneakers

              1            work shoes / boots

              1            shower slippers 

  • Anything that is not approved or does not comply with the guidelines and procedures will be removed. 
    Family members may pick up confiscated items within 7 days.  Otherwise, we are not responsible for such items.  
  • All Identification documents, billfolds, cell phones, money, etc. - must be turned into the office to be locked up.  Items may be check out, when necessary.  Monies will be deposited for safe keeping and resident will be provided with receipt. This is for your protection and ours. 


Click on the link below to download the application for HOD


Submit by either:

    1. Saving completed form to your computer and then send to us as an email attachment to

    2. Print a copy of the completed form and fax to us at 903-234-2303.

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