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“Recovery and Restoration” is the first fundraising campaign of Wiseman Ministries, Inc. The reason: we operate at 80% self-sufficiency. Considering this expansion is already an income-producing farm, we will be able to continue reaching our 80% self-sufficient mark. This campaign will allow us to house 40 men on 150 acres with room to grow and expand. As of April 2016, we have raised $1.5 million through donations and three-year pledges and have purchased this farm.

Since 2003, Wiseman Ministries, Inc. has been active in outreach to those seeking freedom from life-controlling issues. In 2008, Wiseman Ministries founded House of Disciples Life Recovery Center in Longview, Texas and, along with our local community, we’ve grown beyond our walls. Now, Wiseman Ministries is growing House of Disciples to serve the greater East Texas area with a 150-acre farm.

HOD LongviewThe current facility in Longview will remain as a life recovery center serving residents and providing office space for Wiseman Ministries staff. It will continue to be a resident and staff training center.  It will also be utilized as a community outreach center. This facility will serve the community with food box distributions, daily meals, and offer meeting space for local recovery groups.

Farm LodgeThe farm will house 40 men immediately. Wiseman Ministries will staff the farm with a trained House of Disciples program director, work coordinator, and administrator. Future expansion opportunities will include a 20 room women and children's facility and a pastor’s place designed for recovery and restoration of each individual.

With the equipment on the property, we will be able to farm 30 acres of blackberry vines and develop another 65 acres. This expansion will allow us to teach life skills, such as farming, welding, mechanics, logistics and livestock care. Furthermore, we will provide character building opportunities through faith-based studies and life recovery classes.

Farm Equipment

There are still opportunities that exist to help us with renovations and remodeling thru Naming Opportunities, pledges, and one-time donations. The reason for the naming opportunities is to improve the conditions of the existing buildings and giving local businesses or individuals the opportunity to support House of Disciples while advertising their business as well.

Please consider partnering with us in this expansion project. You can contact us below or call 903-234-8017.

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Naming Opportunities

1. Lodge - $150,000
                    *    Primary/Main Facility on the property
                    *    6000 sq. ft.
                    *    Housing 40 residents

2. "You Pick" Program - $60,000
                    *    9 Acres open to the community to pick their own blackberries
                    *    Naming signage at the entrance of You Pick Berry Farm
                    *    “Picking Buckets” will display the name and logo of donor
                    *    Working with agriculture programs at Independent School Districts and Private Schools
                    *    Texas A&M Research Program
You Pick

3. Serenity Ponds/Decks - $30,000
                    *    Two ponds equaling 30 acres, stocked, boat dock
                    *    Two fishing piers/decks with signage displaying name and logo of donor

4. Refrigerated Warehouse - $50,000
                    *    Large commercial refrigerated warehouse for all produce
                    *    Located at the entrance of farm / First building all visitors see
                    *    Store for community to purchase produce

5. Pavilion - $45,000
                    *    Community building
                    *    Carthage Police Department holds annual meeting
                    *    Harvest season will service over 100 people daily

6. Two (2) Staff Houses - $25,000 each
                    *    Residential living for staff members living on the premises
                    *    Houses one family unit each
                    *    Both are very visible from all areas of the farm

7. Tranquility Trails - $25,000
                    *    90 acres of walking trails
                    *    Prayer walk
                    *    Recreation vehicles

8. Mechanical Shop - $15,000
                    *    Very Large Mechanic Shop
                    *    6 welding stations
                    *    Houses all parts and tools for the farm

9. Storehouse - $10,000
                    *    Storage for Crisis Relief items
                    *    Containers and flats for the blackberries
                    *    Metal frame building - visible from everywhere on the farm

10. Two (2) Barns - $5,000 each
                    *    Each barn is used for storing tractors other equipment/implements

11. Ten (10) Blackberry/Crop Sections - $1000 each
                    *    Naming for different sections of blackberries
                    *    Metal sign - visible while giving tours

12. Bee Hive Boxes - $2,500
                    *    Local East Texas Honey
                    *    Signage for donor

13. Gated Entrance - $10,000
14. Dorm - $7,500
15. Kitchen - $7,500
16. Shower Room  - $5,000
17. Classroom - $2,500
18. Lounge - $2,000
19. Walking Trail Benches - $500

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